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Case Study 3: Leadership Development, Team Conflict Negotiation, Succession Planning, Executive Coaching


The president of a privately-held company needed help with succession planning, and addressing performance issues and conflict within his management team.

We recommended meeting with key staff to get their perception on several areas of the operational and people aspects of the company to discover the cause of the conflict and at the same time gather information for use in succession planning.

Several issues were brought to light and we partnered with the president to decide what areas, if we focused on, would most effectively resolve the conflict, increase team and performance, and develop a plan for succession.


        Root cause analysis of sources of conflict within the team

        Senior management team conflict negotiation and resolution

        Designed and facilitated a focused team-building and development process targeting specific team and individual behaviors that needed to change

        Advised on ownership scenarios for succession

        Performance management coaching

        Executive coaching

        Birkman Method assessment and feedback of the management team used for role refinement, conflict management, and team building.


Working relationships improved significantly, and conflict and succession issues were resolved.

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