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Organization Effectiveness & Development

Our organizational blueprint, the Change Effectiveness & Sustainability Epicycle(CEASE) helps our clients determine which changes will significantly improve organizational, leadership, team and individual performance.

The CEASE guides our work with clients to assess what areas are having the largest impact on the organizationís performance, and then pinpoint, implement and align just those development activities that will close the performance gaps and improve measurable results. This whole-system framework keeps clients from wasting resources by doing such things as:

         Implementing too many changes at once

         Selecting too sweeping of a change (or not comprehensive enough) to close the performance gap

         Selecting changes that have an unintended adverse effect on performance

         Selecting development activities that wonít have an impact at all in improving results.


Compatible with Baldrige, the items in white print on the CEASE are Components of Effective Organizations. Alignment of the 9 components create a high-performance culture:

1.    Customer & Market Focus

2.    Strategic Direction

3.    Results

4.    Communication

5.    Leadership

6.    Employee Focus

7.    Organizational Design

8.    Process Management

9.    Information & Analysis 

Helping leaders navigate the complex challenges of change personally, professionally and organizationally.