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Leadership Effectiveness & Development

Moore & Associates offers 4 leadership development and coaching programs. Each is designed with the goal of increasing leadership effectiveness for better results and performance.

Our programs range from the most exclusive organizational application (Leadership for Results) to more personal leadership coaching and development within the corporate realm (Executive Life Coaching and W.E.L.L. for Women). Our Executive Coaching program is a blend of business application and personal coaching.

Moore & Associates's leadership effectiveness philosophy is anchored in the belief that on-going self-knowledge is the foundation for success. As such, all programs are designed with self-discovery and understanding one's impact on others as core components. Our Individual & Organizational Waterline Models and several assessment tools frame the Moore & Associates coaching process.

Each leadership program is described below. Please contact us to discuss which program will best achieve your organization's leadership effectiveness and development goals.

1. Leadership for Results

Our most comprehensive leadership assessment and development program is ideal for executive teams, but may be used for an individual executive. Leadership for Results encompasses the following:

  • Establish a clear understanding of the organization-wide results required of the client's senior managers
  • From 22 specific leadership behaviors within the major leadership functions of Creating a Vision; Developing Followership; Implementing the Vision; Following Through; Achieving Results; and Team Playing, the senior team negotiates those leadership practices that will best drive your organization's unique strategic intent
  • Explicit team and individual performance expectations are established
  • Pinpoint specific leadership behaviors for each executive congruent with their organizational role
  • Development plans are put in place
  • Executive coaching for both results and behaviors
  • Ensure consequences and rewards are on target to support the executive(s)
  • An optional 360 degree feedback component is available
  • Potential recommendation of linking promotion and pay to performance after an appropriate period of time.

2. Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching program is designed for senior managers and executives accustomed to success but have now reached a plateau, or need to develop new leadership traits (and perhaps dial back some current behaviors) to take their career to the next level. Services are personalized and customized to the unique needs and characteristics of the client executive and aligned to the results the organization requires of the executive. In-depth one-on-one work with the executive is designed to increase self-awareness and develop more options and choices to operate more effectively. Our Executive Coaching services are offered in 3, 6 and 12-month packages, each of which unfold over 5 Phases:

1.    Discovery & Analysis

2.    Assessment & Feedback

3.    Individual Coaching Sessions

4.    Action Planning

5.    Executive Summary

3. Executive Life Coaching

Executive Life Coaching may encompass aspects of Leadership for Results and/or Executive Coaching. However, the focus of the Executive Life Coaching program includes in-depth one-on-one work with the client in addressing effectiveness and satisfaction in all aspects of his or her life. This program is ideal for the successful executive who wants to bring more of his or her whole-self into their career, is considering retirement options or selling his or her business, and wishes to consciously design their next act in work and life. Our Executive Life Coaching services are offered in 3, 6 and 12-month packages.

4. WELL (Wisdom, Effectiveness, Leadership, Life)

WELL for Women is an integrative and client-centered leadership and personal development executive coaching program exclusively for successful female executives at midlife. Our most personalized and in-depth program, WELL is for organizations seeking to retain and re-energize their best female leaders. The goal of WELL is to enhance leadership effectiveness by giving executives the tools and support to navigate the challenging yet normal issues that arrive at midlife.

For more information on WELL, please click on WELL for Women to go to the WELL website.

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