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Executive Retreats & Intensives

Planned, designed and facilitated well, an offsite team session can be a powerful vehicle for change. For over a decade, Moore & Associates has delivered impactful executive retreats, offsites and intensives for senior management teams that enhance team member awareness regarding its effectiveness past and present, revealing the gap between current effectiveness and where the team needs or wants be, and preparing the team to lead change in their organization. Within the offsite, this new collective understanding becomes the catalyst of empowerment among team members to take the steps to make the changes they deem necessary to develop the level of effectiveness needed to meet future demands of the organization.

Our offsites produce better communication, trust and understanding among team members, and conflict is proactively surfaced and facilitated, clearing the air so focus on the “business of the organization” is productive.

Our breadth of business experience allows us to quickly grasp our clients’ organizations and issues, making us uniquely qualified to work effectively with multi-discipline senior management teams. We understand the different perspectives and filters each member of a senior team brings to the table including the most obvious – the functional nature of their role (for example a CFO’s viewpoint is generally more task-oriented and quantitative, a Human Resource Director’s viewpoint may be more interpersonal-oriented and qualitative).

Our facilitation and coaching skills

·         Help our clients significantly increase awareness about their team’s dynamic

·         Create an environment in which to talk about difficult issues that need addressing that the team until now has not been able to deal with in a constructive way

·         Provide a framework for the team to assess its working relationship, functionality and effectiveness past, present and future

·         Teach what it really takes to make positive and sustainable change personally, as a team and organizationally

·         Coach the team on why role, communication, and style differences are usually tremendous challenges but understandable, and can be turned into the team’s greatest assets by taking advantage of diversity and differences

·         Make value judgments that focus discussion of the business agenda items, work plans and priorities that result in commitment, decisions, and next step action items

·         Encourage active participation by all team members

Through Moore & Associates’s signature imprint TeddyShark, we use allegories, symbols, humor and storytelling to teach organization development, change management, group psychodynamics, conflict management, and organizational and leadership effectiveness. 

Helping leaders navigate the complex challenges of change personally, professionally and organizationally.